Monday, October 23, 2017

Faultline at Wormhole (Nov. 8, 2017)

The entire Faultline crew will be taking over the side at Wormhole Wednesdays at The New Parrish in Downtown Oakland on Wednesday November 8, 2017! We are stoooooooked!!!

Faultline at Loveboat Halloween 2017

Eric Riggsbee and Justin Johnson will be throwin' down an all Breaks tag-team set on Saturday October 28 at Loveboat! 

Armory Podcast with Eric Riggsbee (episode 172)

DJ at FAULTLINE, a Breaks N Bass party in San Francisco. Host of “Select Start with DJ Eric Riggsbee,” an interview show on YouTube where guest DJs join Eric at his place, play video games and answer questions about their lives. Have you ever wondered what your favorite DJs do in their spare time? Grab a controller and let's find out!
Eric was a big part of the early - mid 2000’s Breaks scene in San Francisco, playing with Breakthru and regularly featured in the now infamous Eklektic/Hektic weekly. Eric’s refined transitions and tight programming are second only to his impeccable track selection. This veteran has forged a reputation for being on point and delivering quality underground BASS.
Artwork by Jem Panufnik