Monday, October 13, 2014

next event Friday November 7, 2014 with guest Bob Five and Edmundo

Bass crusaders for this month will be...........

Bob Five - Black Magic Disko, Direct To Earth

Bob Five's roots run deep within the SF Bay Area underground house/techno world. A constant presence in the scene since the mid 90s, Bob's performed both near and far, from the rough desert of Black Rock City to the post futuristic landscape of Detroit and down into the belly of Central America. His sound can range from heady dreamy deep house to the darker edges of techno. from rare grooves to the latest heat, his style of mixing takes you on a voyage, blending genres into one seamless aural experience. listen closely to the story he tells and maybe you can also find the deeper meaning he hides within.

FAULTLINE is super excited to have Bob Five represent a Breaks set. We can not wait to see what excursion he takes us on.


Edmundo - Airpusher Collective

Born and nurtured through the heart of Burning Man, Airpusher Collective is the group of DJs, performers, and incredible support crew that brought you the Airpusher Steampunk Airship in 2013.


DJ 138 - Midnight Sons, Faultline


Eric Riggsbee - Faultline

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