Thursday, July 24, 2014

next event Friday August 1, 2014 with guests Gehno [1A] Aviance and Rockit!

his month bring to you, on his Birthday weekend...


House of Aviance / Romper Room / Friends with Benefits

A part of the House of Aviance since 1989, Gehno [1A] Aviance has been DJing since 1992. He got his start playing at legendary east coast parties and raves such as Ultraworld (BALT) and Buzz (DC). In the early 90's he joined the Snowball Collective from NYC and DC and went on to throw some of the most-talked (to this day) underground and weekly parties in Washington DC. In 1998 he moved to San Francisco where he has continued to dj and hone his talent to this day.

His sound is an amalgam of 22+ years of musical influences which has been described as Deep Garage Tech. His sets incorporate Deep Tech, Garage, Breaks and Techno into a seamless musical journey deep rooted in the past whist always keeping his finger on the pulse of the future. He may even drop an original track or two. His latest release on the Friends With Benefits Records is named "The Godbody". Available on Beatport, iTunes, etc.
At the moment Gehno holds residencies at: Hardbox, Romper Room, Under Construction & Unicorn in San Francisco. Some of his most recent guest appearances include Forsaken (CHI), Bubble (SF), Booty Call Wednesdays (SF), Pulse Generator (SF), Deep East (Oak) to name a few.


and from Strategik we bring you...

Strategik North / (DRD)

On January 1st 1995, Rudy Rockit took up the art of Dj’ing and Dj ROCKIT was born. Stepping behind the decks he set out with one mission, to make people feel the groove and party their asses off!
From there on he developed his own unique style of Breaks, Progressive House, Electro and Psy. Since then he has played at parties ranging from small intimate events to some of the biggest Massives and nightclubs in Northern California, Las Vegas, Idaho and Utah. He has had the privilege to open for and, play alongside some of the Biggest and most talented DJ’s in the world.

On Sept 5th of 2004, Dj ROCKIT became the one and only winner of the USA Heineken, Club Ice DJ challenge. This contest which was held at ICE in Las Vegas, was also filmed for Spike TV’s reality show called “THE CLUB”.
He and twelve other DJ’s were picked from out of over 250 DJ’s to participate in the contest to battle for the 2004 Heineken DJ Challenge title and the chance to open at the clubs most packed night alongside World renowned DJ’s Paul Oakenfold and Sandra Collins.
Dj Rockit was judged and finally picked outta of a the final three Dj’s by Paul Oakenfold as the winner of the contest.
During the contest, he made short spot appearances on several of the shows episodes with the other contestants. And then was finally featured along with Paul Oakenfold and Sandra Collins on the shows next to last episode as the winner of the DJ challenge where he had the pleasure of opening for Paul and Sandra at ICE.

Currently Dj Rockit is a resident for two of the most notorious and well known crews in Northern California, Strategik SF and Strategik North. He also holds two live internet radio shows residency on one of the world’s most renowned Breakbeat stations, NUBREAKS.COM. He shares a home with the ReFfreshed crew on “ReFRESHED FRIDAZE from 7-9 PST and he has his show “STRATEGIK’S DOWN RIGHT DIRTY” airs every Sunday from 7-9 PST.


Faultline residents for this month will be...

DJ-138 (Midnight Sons)

Eric Riggsbee

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